Beta Readers Wanted!

Hi all! If anyone is interested in being a beta reader for me please fill out the form here or email me at: and put 'Beta Reader' in the subject line.

Beta readers will get first view of all books and will help me by pointing out errors, such as using the word nest instead of next, or missing a y on they. Small mistakes like that get past me in my editing process and since I am still an indie author I have yet to hire a professional editor. What this means is, I rely on my beta readers to point out these mistakes before the public sees my books.

As a beta reader I will include your name in the acknowledgements of the book you assist with (if you want) and you will get a free copy of the finished book from Smaswords, which is my main distributor.

Thank you fans and thank you even more to those who wish to beta read!   :D

Contact Me

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Feel free to send me a message about anything! I've had people contact me about everything from misused words to offering to be a beta reader. I love to read any and all emails. One especially made my day when someone had told me my experience as a writer and the work I have done inspired them to go back to school. So no matter what it is, even if you think it is bad, please send me a message.