The bathroom is the second book I ever e-published but the first I had ever written. The full story was done while I was in high school and though it was edited before being published that "written in high school" feel is still there. This book continues to be downloaded more than any of my others, but it is my least favorite.  The story is of a collage student interested in going to a S&M themed club and ends up meeting a guy there and some interesting stuff happens. It's nothing crazy and it even has the whole "true love" ending so this story is more a romance than anything.

Romance & Erotica

A Slave to Desire sprang out of nowhere when I was in the middle of a writers block for another story. Once I got this out, all was fine and I continued along with the other story. Lucky for all of you who like my contemporary erotica, you get to enjoy a torrid treat that might have never come to life. This erotica is about a divorced mother named Lynette who works at an unusual place. The only reason she works there, though, is because she gained an insatiable libido, along with her new hot body, after her divorce. However, one unexpected client enters her room who has the possibility of sating her desire forever.

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In Lizzy's second book, her addiction becomes a family matter when she learns someone close to her is not really related by blood. That discovery opens a door her addiction can't overlook. However, when it closes just as quick another blows off the hinges in an unexpected way. Lizzy finds what she didn't know she needed and her desire is sated like never before. But, family does know best...

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Lizzy's Lesson is the first book I ever e-published. This story is all erotica, right from the first chapter. When I first wrote it I had thought of making it a series but wasn't sure if there was enough there to do so. At the end of 2016 I wrote book two, Lizzy’s Family Affair and have a title for the series: Confessions of an Addict. Lizzy and her sex addition nagged me until a series came out so check back soon for book two. In book one Lizzy learns of her addiction from her sexy manager and he teaches her the lessons she needs through domination and penetra... well you get gist. There is more Lizzy does which doesn't involve her manager in the beginning of the story to get your motor going, but the real treat is the lesson she learns in the office.