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I live in beautiful Washington State with my crazy sons in the home I grew up in. I am a native Washingtonian and love the fact that I will always be near my family and friends living in a beautiful place. I have traveled all over the country, even to Hawaii, and still feel more awed and inspired by Washington than anywhere else.

The inspiration I feel in my home state at times is translated into the stories I put out for you all to read; I also shoot photos or paint when inspired. The inspiration for writing can come from anything, be it the solitude of the forest or just watching the snow fall in my back yard. The first thing that really inspired me to write full storiesI had written mostly poetry previous to 2008was seeing scat while hiking alone. My mind began to wander to wolves in the Cascadeswhich have since been foundon to those wolves being werewolves. 

RoxAnne Fox

That work, now called the Annan Werewolf Series, was mulled over for a long time and has gone through many transformations before returning to its roots. You can learn more about that series, and the world that sprang from it, by clicking the "Annan's World" tab above. On that page you will also find a map so you too can visit the Pack Lands found in Annan's books.

When you read her stories, or any of the books I write, please remember: I write for adults, with adult conventions, and I have no editor. With that said, please be kind. If you see mistakes in my stories, send me a message about them and don't be surprised when clothes hit the floor and the lights are turned down low... if you know what I mean. Even though you might find some errors while reading, beyond those small mistakes lie worlds full of unique, emotionally driven characters who keep you wanting more.



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